How much are memories to you?
How important is your relationship with that special person to you?
What value do we place on photography?

At the end of the day, what could be more precious than recording a moment in time when it will never be repeated? Look forward to a time when you will never look as great as you look today. Ask yourself, did I capture myself and my partner when I looked my best so now I can look back to enjoy the images in the future?

You see a photoshoot with Luxury Portraits is not just about the great time we had photographing you. We capture moments in time and preserve them in wonderful pieces of art that you can enjoy at home forever.

That’s why we consider your photoshoot with us as an investment – an investment in your relationship.

Your investment starts with a photoshoot at $125. Our prints range in price from $275 with artwork tailored to your relationship and home. We invite you to call our studio on 07 3374 3291 so we can show you all the fabulous options available.