Capture the Essence of Your Relationship With Images So Memorable, You’ll Love Them Forever.


Your Adventure Begins

Step into Luxury Portraits and experience something truly memorable.

A Luxury Portraits’ experience provides memories so special - they are enjoyed forever.

“My partner and I have been together for 7 years and we didn’t really have a special portrait of us together. We looked at some of the portraits by Luxury Portraits and they were fantastic!” Helen says.

“I liked how natural it was. I was surprised how unposed the images were, we could just have fun,” Brendan says of his and his partner Nick’s photoshoot.

When it comes to professional portrait photography, there’s nothing that can match the expertise of Luxury Portraits.

And we invite our services to all Australian couples looking to preserve their love in elegant works of art.


Capture Your Unique Love Story.

With over a decade of experience, Luxury Portraits’ photographer Julie has captured the unique relationship of thousands of couples.

Julie understands the importance of capturing special moments  rather than orchestrating them.

“We provide an environment that makes it easy for a couple to be themselves which means they can interact with each other in a natural, fun way” Julie says.

“Julie was really good and we had a lot of fun while during the shoot. For us it was an awesome experience,” Helen says of her and her partner’s experience at the shoot.

“The atmosphere was really relaxed, and she just makes you feel very
comfortable during the session.

You just be yourself, and the portraits came out beautifully.

It doesn’t even feel like a photoshoot.”

“Julie was lovely,” Lisa says of her and her’s partner Tani’s Luxury Portraits shoot.

“She made it really comfortable and it was really good fun.

There was no awkwardness about it, it was just really easy.”

The Secret of How You'll Look and Feel Great!

Jason had won one of our promotions and was excited about the prospect of capturing some beautiful imagery of his new wife, who
he was obviously besotted with.

Christina said the actual photo shoot was fun from the moment her and Jason got there.

“We just laughed the whole time. Julie just has a way about her that relaxes you – Jason had an absolute ball! I felt myself agreeing to some shots that I never thought I’d do – but it’s all just so natural and easy – and fun!

Three precious hours without the kids – both of us had a ball.”

Christina and Jason are both thrilled with the photographs and invested in an album. “Every...and I mean every, shot Julie took was stunning. And the most wonderful part?

They keep telling me how beautiful I look – it has been a huge confidence boost. And you know – I never really felt ugly when I looked at myself and I also know Jason loves me unconditionally.

He’s so strong and romantic – I feel beautiful in his arms.
These photos have captured this feeling forever.

I’m so lucky to have unconditional love from the man I consider my soul mate... how could you not feel beautiful?”

Feedback from our customers...

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Only Couples

Our specialty lies in Luxury Couple Portraits' experiences. We don't do family portraits, kids photography.
Our imagery is tasteful, fun, playful, sensual, sexy even, but always tasteful.

Who is This For?

If you have a partner in love… and if you want to capture your love forever, then a Luxury Couple Portraits Experience is perfect for you.

Why Is It Special?

Regardless of whether you're married, engaged, just found love, or live in a long-term relationship, we can help you create a magical experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Artistic and Memorable

You'll undoubtedly rediscover romantic feelings about each other you forgot you had and walk away with a piece of artwork that leaves a legacy of your love for each other.

You're In The Best Hands!

Meet Julie - Australia's leading couple photographer.

Julie, your host, and expert photographer is an artist at heart.

She has a knack to capture our couples in the most fantastic way with the help of light and the props some of them bring to the studio.

Our couples have been known to bring their bikes, a favourite music instrument, and special items of clothing that mean something to them.

Julie is  Luxury Portraits’ founder, has always been passionate about creating imagery that portrays her subjects in the most flattering style. And over the years, she has developed a signature style based around her unique use of lighting.

When Julie created Luxury Portraits and focused on studio work, it was once again lighting that defined her style.

With indoor studio based photography, lighting is crucial as it’s just the photographer, a camera, lighting and the subjects themselves.

The backgrounds are of secondary importance to the subjects. 

To achieve the effect Julie wanted - romantic beautiful imagery full of depth, she turned back the clock to a time when the old master photographers used as many as 6 to 12 lights to light their subjects.

Julie uses multiple, state of the art ‘soft touch’ lighting heads to create a dramatic feel - reminiscent of photography from Hollywood’s golden era.

Her photography has never been automated. She shoots instinctively and manually and relies on her experience and knowledge of lighting to capture stunning images for her clients.

Julie has always realized that lighting is at the core of all beautiful photography.

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We love all couples!

We cater to any couple that would like to experience our Luxury Couple Portraits experience. We are an inclusive studio. All couples are welcome!

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