FAQWhy Is It Important To Capture Memories?

Let’s face it. We live in busy times when many couples spend whole days, weeks or even months apart because of work commitments. Our imagery gives these couples a reason to celebrate their love and lets them walk out with lasting memories of their special bond.

Your imagery creates a legacy of you and your partner’s love so your children and grandchildren can celebrate the magic between you long after you’re gone.

What Is The Studios Real Speciality?

Our speciality lies in Luxury Couple Portraits experiences. We don’t do family portraits, kids photography or porn.

Our imagery is tasteful, fun, playful, sensual, sexy even, but never tacky.

Which Sort Of Couples Is This For?

We cater for any couple that would like to experience our Luxury Couple Portraits experience. We don’t discriminate.

What exactly is a Luxury Couple Portraits Experience?

When you experience a Luxury Couple Portraits Experience it will stay with you forever. Why? Because we’ll give you an experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Unlike traditional photography shoots where you go and pose with your family or partner, the Luxury Couple Portraits Experience caters to couples only.

Julie, your host and expert photographer is an artist at heart. She has a knack to capture our couples in the most amazing way with the help of light and the props some of them bring to the studio. Our couples have been known to bring their bikes, a favourite music instrument, and special items of clothing that mean something to them.

You’ll undoubtedly rediscover romantic feelings about each other you forgot you had and walk away with a piece of artwork that leaves a legacy of your love for each other.

Is This for Me?

If you have a partner in love… and if you want to capture your love forever, then a Luxury Couple Portraits Experience is perfect for you. Regardless whether you’re married, engaged, just found love or live in a long-term relationship, we can help you create a magic experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Plus you’ll walk away with imagery to showcase the depths of your love for all to see – if you so wish.